Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sebastian has gone to Edinburgh. He left yesterday. Very little was said between us.

On Sunday, I’d become bored of Sebastian’s gratitude filled questions about the ritual, and wanted to avoid the vampire group like them and the early summer. My thoughts were still at the cottage: I wanted to get in there again, try and get some answers from Gregory. I’d phrased up a lot of persuasive arguments to get one party talking to the other, as if I cared about their differences, when in fact I was solely fascinated by Naina, phasing into half invisibility, no longer needing air. I’d been thinking of her constantly, as if she was a fairy tale princess, left to time and tourism. They all knew more than I’d been told, but if they started to trust each other, then maybe they’d begin to trust me.

I went to The Duke Of York in search of Carol, but only found Yvonne, sunburnt and nervous. She told me the others were all at the cottage, because something terrible had happened. She didn’t believe I didn’t already know.

At the cottage, the shouts and accusations could be heard from outside, where the man selling tiles shook his head at the loss of trade and peace. I was greeted at the door by Jack bellowing:
“Who’ve you told?!”
Gregory restrained him and Carol took my hand to invite me in. Clive was with her, sat on the stairs, ready to put down anything physical.
“You see. He’s here.” Said Carol, triumphantly, as if I’d been invited.
“Doesn’t mean anything.” Snarled Jack.
“Why would he come back?” Said Carol. I’d clearly vindicated her somehow.
“What’s happened?” I asked. “Is she okay?”
“You tell us.” Spat Jack.
“She’s gone.” Carol said.
I didn’t understand how this could be my fault: “She’s dead?”
“No. She’s gone. Stolen.”

Gregory and Jack had woken in the night to noises from below, but found the hatch down from the attic was blocked up. They had to call the landlady for help, who in turn had to come back with her husband, to help unwedge the hatch. The landlady was a believer in the ghost story, so saw nothing strange in the bed being empty, but Jack set off straight away to find Carol and launch his first version of accusations. Suspicions had since been redrafted for me.
“You understand it’s very dangerous.” Reasoned Gregory. “She needs specialist care.”
“I honestly don’t know anything.”
“It’d be natural enough if you mentioned it to your friend.” Added Carol. “He’d be the obvious person to turn to for advice, since we kept you in the dark.”
“Did you tell him?” Jack was stood behind me.
“My friend? Do you mean Angela?” I’d not even mentioned her name before, just the things she’d done.
“Wilson.” Barked Jack.
“Sebastian? I’ve not told him anything.”
“Well,” said Carol, trying to calm the room. “Maybe we ought to ask him.”

It only occurred to me on the walk up to the hotel that I’d never talked about Sebastian to anyone involved. I couldn’t be certain that I hadn’t referred to him in the context of plans, but they knew his name, and at the hotel, Carol walked straight for him without any indication from me.

The blonde and the rest of the vampire group are due back any moment, so I shan’t risk the discovery of this record any further than necessary. It was Gregory who asked Sebastian how much he knew.


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